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The Charging Standard for International Students in GZCCC

1.Registration Fee:RMB 300.

2.Tuition Fees:(Unit: RMB yuan)

Duration of study

Tuition (RMB)

Chinese language


College student

(Chinese class)

College student

(English class)

Two semesters




One semester


Three months


Two months



Enrollment in February or September

Enrollment in September, study with Chinese students taught in Chinese

Enrollment in September, study in a separated Class taught in Chinese

A Reference List of International Students Expenses






Only needed at registration of the first year.


Standard tuition fee for international students is published by the college every year (Please refer to the charging standard).


Textbook charges shall be paid each semester and decided by total amount of actual price.

Health Insurance

600 /year

Required by the Ministry of Education, all international students should buy health insurance during studying in China.

Physical Examination


1. According to the regulations of relative departments, international students should do the physical examination and pay the physical examination fee.

2. Physical examination is required when international students leave China for more than 3 months.

3. Students are required to have physical examination again on the occasion of transferring to other provinces.

4. The standard is subject to the notice of relative hospital or healthcare center.

Residence Permit Fee

800/365 days

Standard fee charged by the Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security. It varies according to the different validity period of residence permit you apply for.



Accommodation fee for living in the International Students Dormitory on campus, not including bedding and personal articles.

Deposits for Accommodation


It should be paid once before check-in, and will be refunded if the room and goods are in good condition when check out.

TV & Internet Fee


TV & Internet service at dormitory is available upon personal requirement and application.

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