Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Guangzhou City Construction College & Study in gzccc

How to Apply

1. You can apply by the following ways

a. Email to: Ask for the Application Form for Admission, fill it honestly; then mail it, or scan it and send it back.
b. Fax the Form to 0086-20-87976915.

2. Application time

College student: Every November 30 is the closing day for application. (Intake will be in next September.)
Chinese language student/Advanced student
-- Enrollment in autumn: Every April 30 is the closing day for application. (Enrollment will be in September of the year.)
-- Enrollment in spring: Every November 30 is the closing day for application. (Enrollment will be in next February.)
Note: After May 15 or December 15 of the year, the applicant will receive a notice for confirming the program to be opened or not, which depends on whether the applicants are more than 10 people.
Short-term Training Program: We are committed to develop short-term training programs with foreign educational institutions and organizations. All the cooperation details such as courses, schedule, tuition fee will be confirmed by discussing. We welcome the education institutions of intention to discuss about the cooperation details with us.
International Exchange Student Program: We are looking forward to the foreign universities and colleges of intention to discuss about the cooperation issues of exchange student.

3. The International Students Office will mail the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) to the accepted students after the verification.

4. Holders of the above-mentioned documents and health examination certificate are supposed to apply for the Student Visa (X Visa) at the Chinese embassy and consulate general in your country, and come to school for registration on time, and pay the registration fee and tuition.

Note: The college provides airport or train station pick-up service free of charge for new comers first to Guangzhou. Students who prefer this service should inform the International Office by email or fax with detailed arrival information 5 days before their arrival.

Documents to submit


Chinese language student

Advanced student

College student

Application form

Copy of Passport

Academic certificate


Body Exam Certificate

HSK Certificate

Non-criminal Certificate

3×4cm Photo




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