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About Guangzhou City Construction College

Guangzhou City Construction College (formerly City Construction College of Guangzhou University), founded in 1960 and after several administrative changes, is now an independent private institution of higher learning approved in April of 2007 by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and the National Ministry of Education to award three-year college diplomas.

Situated in the “back garden” of Guangzhou —the city of Conghua, a tourism city traditionally famous for its hot spring water and natural beauty, the college is 60km north of Guangzhou. With a beautiful, picturesque scenery featuring green hills, clear waters and fresh air, the campus is well-equipped and an ideal place for study.

Covering a total area of 1308 mu (87 hectares) and with an overall floorage of 420,000 square meters, GZCCC has more than 900 staff members(of which 723 are full-time teachers)who devote themselves to services for over 15,500 full time students, offering a comprehensive range of 3-year diploma programs in 10 academic departments: School of Economics and Management, Department of Architectural Engineering Technology, Department of Architectural Engineering Management, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Art and Design, Department of Foreign Studies, Department of Politic-ideological Education, Department of Basic Courses and School of Continuing Education.

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